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This may not be the family that I was born into but this is the family that loves me like their own.

This is the family that showed me not all families are perfect but unconditional love means loving deeply through those imperfections.

It breaks my heart that my second family is mourning the loss of a great Husband, Father, Tio, Brother and Friend. Tio Roberto, you welcomed me into your home and family with wide open arms and with so much love- I could never thank you enough for that. I will always remember your great big hugs because your cologne always lingered on my clothes the day of and the day after an infamous Alvarez/Ramos/Larsen/Ortiz party. Those parties were always filled with wonderful memories and laughs because of your encouraging words and loving advice, especially the advice given after one or five shots . Family gatherings are going to be missing a larger than life figure, for sure. I will miss you so much. To The Alvarez/Ramos/Larsen/Ortiz families- if you need anything at all, I will be here by your side constantly ready to pick you up and comfort you anytime of the day or night when needed. Love you mucho

Please say a little prayer for his kids and wife. They are the most amazing people and don’t deserve this pain. #WearAMaskSaveALife

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